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What Is A New Home?

New homes, available through the Sydney Real Estate Group, are the epitome of modern living and contemporary design. These are properties that have never been lived in before, offering homeowners the chance to start fresh in a brand-new space. New homes can take the form of houses, apartments, or townhouses, and they come with a range of benefits and considerations.

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Buying A New Home?

Pros of New Home Living:


When purchasing a new home, you often have the option to personalize the layout, fixtures, and finishes, allowing you to create your dream living space.

Energy Efficiency

New homes are typically built with the latest energy-efficient technologies, which can result in lower utility bills and a reduced environmental footprint.

Warranty Coverage

Most new homes come with warranties that cover construction and structural defects, providing peace of mind and potential cost savings for homeowners.

Low Maintenance

Since everything is new, you can expect minimal maintenance and repair work for several years, saving time and money.

Safety and Compliance

New homes are constructed to meet current building codes and safety standards, offering improved safety and security.

Advanced Technology

New homes often include smart home technology and modern amenities, enhancing convenience and connectivity.

Cons of New Home Living:

Higher Initial Cost

New homes generally come with a higher price tag compared to older properties, and this cost may limit your budget.

Limited Character

New homes may lack the unique character and charm of older, more established properties.

Construction Delays

Construction schedules can be subject to delays due to unforeseen issues, affecting your move-in timeline.

Landscaping and Development

New developments may lack mature landscaping and amenities that older neighborhoods offer.


New developments may be in areas with limited public services and amenities, requiring a longer commute for work, school, or shopping.

Limited Historical Value

New homes lack historical value and the unique stories that older homes can provide.

Building A New Home?

Benefits of Building Fresh

You have the chance to build your dream home and personalise it yourself.

With Bellriver you have the option to customise your home design, meaning you truly can get your ideal home.

Building your own home rather than purchasing a pre-existing property saves you the hassle of searching around for a home that ticks all your boxes.

You aren’t in competition with others that are interested in purchasing the same property as you.

You know exactly what you are getting. Because you built the house yourself, you won’t be surprised by post-purchase repairs, etc.

Downfalls of Building Fresh

There are builders that don’t offer all-inclusive packages, leaving clients stung with additional costs during the build.

You can’t move straight in, you have to wait while your dream home is being built.

It may be stressful for some home buyers if they become overwhelmed by the array of choices available.

You need to take the time and effort to find a home design that works for your block of land, if you aren’t doing a house and land package.

You'll need to ensure your build complies with local council requirements, which may require careful planning and can be daunting for some.

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Your steps in buying an New Home?

If you’re interested in purchasing an New Home in Sydney, the Sydney Real Estate Group is here to guide you through the process. Here’s a brief overview of the steps involved:

Our Process

Confirm details and understand.

Our team possesses a comprehensive understanding of the government grants that are applicable to your specific circumstances, aiming to expedite your path towards homeownership. The most popular grant has been the Shared Equity Scheme. Additionally, we will assess your preferences regarding the type and location of the desired property.
Property Advisory

Property Advisory

Our team of property advisors, who possess extensive expertise in their respective field, will thoroughly comprehend your property requirements and desired location and give you your options to buy, they will book meeting to take you to the apartment display suites. Additionally, they will collaborate closely with our expert financial channel partners to develop a comprehensive strategy on how you can successfully purchase your brand-new home.

Lets Build/Move in

Now for the fun and exciting part, time to book in your settlement and Move in!

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How could you get into your own home sooner?

Good thing is Government has many grants to help you buy your new home sooner.  Our expert finance Chanel partners give you all the options either you have Low Deposit, Low Income, High income, no matter what your scenario we can help you understand and discuss what Government Grants may be available to you.

We have helped many clients transition from renting to homeownership!

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Find Out Which Initiative Will Make Buying Your Home Sooner!

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